Monday, 21 March 2016

Four Things You Need to Know About Repainting a Car

Choosing to have your car repainted is a major job. Most people decide that it’s time for a new paint job to prevent rust or to repair damage to the vehicle’s paint. Adding a new color to your car can also be a personality statement. Knowing the process can be helpful when it comes to choosing a professional automotive painter. Here are the four steps you need to know when getting your car repainted.

Your Car Must be Empty

The professional will handle removing your radiator, engine, seats and dash. This has to be done before the painting process can start.

The Exterior Needs to be Prepared

All of the dings on your car will be fixed in this step. Then, after your car is washed, it needs to be stripped and primed to get ready for the paint job.

Painting the Car

Once the car is primed, the professional can begin the paint job. Once they’re finished, they’ll make sure to protect your car while it dries.

The Car Must be Buffed and Sealed

In order to smooth out the paint, the painter will sand and buff the vehicle. Then, once it’s smooth, they can apply the sealant that will protect your new paint job.

There are several steps that professionals must go through in order to properly repaint a car. If you’re interested in car repainting in Vista, visit this website.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Create the Perfect Car Exterior With Auto Detailing

Detailing your car is as important as keeping it fueled and following a recommended maintenance routine. Even though some people choose to detail their vehicles at home, there are several benefits to taking your car for exterior detailing at a professional shop.

The most evident benefit is how beautiful your car will look. If you miss the sleek style your car had when you drove it off the lot, professional exterior detailing can bring back the shine. A reputable auto body shop will be able to use professional cleaning products you might not be able to buy on your own. Additionally, the people who work on your car have received extensive training in the detailing process. Since they know which cleaning agents and cloth materials work best, you won't need to worry about any accidental scratches.

Exterior auto detailing is usually more thorough than the job you can do on your own, too. Most people who detail their own cars don't have the small tools needed to get into all the nooks and crannies, which means a buildup of dirt and debris around headlights, door handles and in the tiny crevices of tires. If you take your car to a professional, even the cracks between your windows will be clean. A professional will also be able to tell you if there are signs of rust or other issues that will need repairing or repainting that detailing doesn’t cover.

Another benefit of detailing is added safety. Having your car professionally detailed periodically ensures your windows are free of streaks and easy to see through, and that headlights are clear and giving you the best light possible at night.

Professional exterior detailing even has financial benefits. Keeping up with your car's appearance will keep it from rusting or falling victim to other cosmetic damage, which ensures it has a higher resale value. Even if you don't think you'll ever sell the car, it doesn't hurt to keep it in the best condition possible, just in case. Most people who look at used cars have them inspected by a professional, and it will look great for you if that professional can tell you’ve had an expert detail job performed on your vehicle.

Whether you’re selling your car, getting rid of cosmetic damage that occurred during a fender bender or simply want it to look shiny when you’re cruising down the freeway, auto detailing in Raleigh can meet your needs. Visit this website to learn more about services.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Car Restoration Made Simple

Getting into a car accident is never fun. As safe as cars can be, there will always be lasting damage that may seem impossible to remove. Finding the right professional to restore a vehicle to perfect health will take all the worry out of car care. These professionals can even retouch a car that has been worn down and faded over time.

There are thousands of car crashes occurring every year in the U.S. and collision repair has become a much needed industry. Auto body shops can effectively transform a once deformed vehicle back to its original look. Whether it’s fixing a bumper, removing a dent or painting over scratches, any car can be brought back to life after an accident.

Since looks are important for most cars, quality work must be done on any job. Paintless dent repair is one method that can be used to improve a dented car without affecting the factory paint. The dent will be pushed out from the inside, leaving the outside looking good as new.

For deeper damage, re-painting the vehicle may be necessary. This is where experience comes into play. The more experience the technician has, the more uniform the car’s paint job will be. It takes a keen eye to match new paint to the color of the existing paint and then to sand and buff it to leave a shiny finish. Even if the car was not in an accident and a new paint job is needed due to fading or chipping, a good technician will employ the best technology in order to leave the most resilient, lasting finish.

Often overlooked parts of auto body repair are nicks and scratches in the windshield and other glass components of the vehicle. These may seem harmless, but even the smallest crack in the glass can affect the structure of the entire windshield. Sometimes replacement of the entre windshield will be necessary, but if the crack is less than six inches long, it can generally be repaired. Quickly repairing chips and cracks in the windshield is crucial, as each blemish will degrade the windshield’s ability to protect the driver from harm.

Restoring a car takes time and patience. When any auto body restoration is done, a vehicle will not only look and run better, but will be safer and more structurally sound. The shop that is used should employ the right technicians who are I-CAR and ASE certified. Visit this website to learn more about restoring your car with an auto body shop in Carlsbad.

3 Reasons to get that New Paint Job


1. Fixing Dents and Scratches

The result of a fender bender or other minor accident can be deep scratches or dents in a vehicle. These can be a pain to remove. Finding an auto body shop to paint over them can create a brand new look to your vehicle and leave a resilient finish where the scratches used to be.

2. Restoring Chipped Paint

As cars age, the factory paint job can take a beating. Things like weather and abrasive materials like bird droppings can cause the paint to peel away from the body of the car. With a careful eye, a good auto body technician will find new paint that perfectly matches the color and sheen of the factory paint job.

3. Creating a New or Shiner Look

Sometimes a car owner wants to dazzle onlookers with a new paint job. By taking the car in to an auto body shop the entire paint job can be customized to any color or pattern that is desired. When the entire car is being re-finished, a good technician will look at the car from every angle to ensure each spot of paint is perfectly applied.

No matter the reason for getting a paint job, the end result should always be smooth and shiny. Visit this website to earn more about auto painting in Oceanside.

Top 4 Reasons You Need a Truck Top


The everyday uses of truck tops are almost endless. They are handy additions that keep your cargo safe and secure. Whether you use them for hauling bricks or carrying camping gear, these tops offer tremendous benefits.

1.    Extra Security

There are times when you are transporting valuable goods. Whether it’s an antique table or Christmas gifts, protecting those items is important. Truck tops keep your cargo hidden and locked away from people passing by.

2.    Added Weather Protection

The last thing you want is to leave your wares out in the open and exposed to bad weather. Tops protect your items from all the elements.

3.    Better Fuel Efficiency

It’s common knowledge that trucks don’t get the best gas mileage. In addition, trucks with open beds have wind drag that increases gas consumption. By adding a top, you eliminate that problem and improve fuel efficiency.

4.    Enhanced Style

Tops come in a wide range of designs. Manufactures create these products using the following materials:

•    Fiberglass
•    Aluminum

The fiberglass is ideal for personal use. However, if you use your truck for commercial purposes, such as service technicians or construction workers, aluminum tops are the way to go.

Truck tops are good investment for work or play. You can find out more about the truck Leer top in Murrieta by visiting this website.

Make Your Truck Safer With Running Boards


The entrance into your truck is not easy for everyone, such as children or the elderly. This can cause safety problems especially during bad weather. You can provide a safer entrance for your truck by adding a running board.

1.    Easy Entry

Depending on how high your truck sits off the ground, getting in and out of it can pose a problem. There are drivers and passengers who have twisted their backs or suffered ankle injuries as a result. Running boards offer strong and sturdy support that makes entering and exiting much easier.

2.    Weather Proof Designs

The rain and snow make surfaces slippery. There are running boards designed with treaded pads that give you the traction you need. There are also features like grooves that allow the water to flow off the board, which keeps the surface dry.

3.    Enhance Your Style

In addition to making your truck safer, these popular accessories also gives your vehicle a sharper, polished look. You can choose from various styles ranging from stainless steel and aluminum to retractable and lighted models.

You can improve the safety of your truck while dressing it up at the same time. There are options for every taste and budget. Visit this website to learn more about truck running boards in San Diego.

Deck out Your Truck With These 4 Popular Accessories


Trick out your truck by adding quality accessories. It’s a great way of expressing your unique style and standing out from the rest of the crowd. Below are a few popular trimmings for your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

1.    Seat Covers

Liquid and food spills can stain your interior and cost lots of money to detail. When you place covers over your seats, you can wash them and keep the inside of your truck clean. Wool and sheep skin are common fabric choices.

2.    Floor Mats

There is no way to keep dirt, mud, grime, corrosive liquids or moisture out of your truck. Your best defense against this is putting down floor mats. Rubber mats are best for trapping sand and dust.

3.    Truck Racks

You can transport just about anything from kayaks to lumber with racks. This functional accessory can hold up to 500 to 1200 pounds. They can carry oversized gear while keeping everything neatly organized and secure.

4.    Tool Boxes

When you haul tools or equipment a tool box is a must. There is a make, model and size for every truck. Your options are steel, aluminum and polyethylene.

You can choose from a wide assortment of bells and whistles. Visit this website and find just the right truck accessories in Murrieta.