Monday, 21 March 2016

Four Things You Need to Know About Repainting a Car

Choosing to have your car repainted is a major job. Most people decide that it’s time for a new paint job to prevent rust or to repair damage to the vehicle’s paint. Adding a new color to your car can also be a personality statement. Knowing the process can be helpful when it comes to choosing a professional automotive painter. Here are the four steps you need to know when getting your car repainted.

Your Car Must be Empty

The professional will handle removing your radiator, engine, seats and dash. This has to be done before the painting process can start.

The Exterior Needs to be Prepared

All of the dings on your car will be fixed in this step. Then, after your car is washed, it needs to be stripped and primed to get ready for the paint job.

Painting the Car

Once the car is primed, the professional can begin the paint job. Once they’re finished, they’ll make sure to protect your car while it dries.

The Car Must be Buffed and Sealed

In order to smooth out the paint, the painter will sand and buff the vehicle. Then, once it’s smooth, they can apply the sealant that will protect your new paint job.

There are several steps that professionals must go through in order to properly repaint a car. If you’re interested in car repainting in Vista, visit this website.