Monday, 16 November 2015

3 Reasons to Choose a BMW Repair Shop to Maintain Your Vehicle


Repairing your BMW is expensive, and you’ve probably been advised to take it to a dealership when issues arise. However, you can take your BMW to an independent BMW repair shop and get quality service without voiding the warranty. With this in mind, there are several reasons to choose a repair shop for maintenance instead of the dealership.

1. Save Money

At a repair shop, you’re more likely to benefit from competitive pricing than at the dealer. Many independent technicians use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts. These are made by the same manufacturer that licensed the parts to BMW, but they are less expensive. In addition, repair shop technicians have lower hourly rates than their dealer counterparts.

2. Top-Notch Service

BMW repair shops have certified and factory trained technicians. Many of these technicians have experience working at a dealership, so you’re guaranteed high-quality service. You are also more likely to develop a trusting relationship with your technician.

3. Convenience

Most likely there are more BMW repair shops in your area than BMW dealers. This gives you the convenience of finding a nearby shop. Many of these locations also have a shuttle service to transport you to and from your home or workplace while your car is serviced.

Choosing a BMW dealer over a repair shop can be beneficial. The cost difference is evident when you need significant repairs on your BMW.Ultimately, you can benefit from an overall better customer service experience. Visit this website to learn more about BMW repair in Los Altos.

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