Tuesday, 17 November 2015

4 Ways You Can Tell That Your Car Needs New Shocks


Shocks are an important part of your vehicle’s handling and safety.Here are 4 signs that your shocks may need to be replaced:

1.    Noisy, Unresponsive Steering

Your car’s steering is affected by many factors, but one of the more common issues is worn out shocks.If your steering seems less responsive or stiff, or if you notice noise while steering, it may be time for a shock replacement.

2.    Nosedives at Stops

Does your care make a nosedive every time you stop?Do you find yourself braking gently to avoid it?New shocks will make your stops safer and more comfortable.

3.    Swaying in Curves

When you head into a curve or around a corner, some leaning of the vehicle is normal, but excessive lean or sway can be uncomfortable and unsafe for you and your passengers.If your car is swaying or leaning more than normal, it’s probably time to replace those shocks.

4.    Bouncing over Bumps

Do bumps, ruts and cracks in the pavement get your car bouncing?That’s a common sign that your shocks aren’t doing their job.Replacing them will give you and your passengers a more comfortable ride.

New shocks can help make your car safer and more comfortable.Improve your car’s steering, stop nosedive and sway and get your car to stop bouncing by replacing the shocks for a smoother ride.If you need struts and shocks in San Diego, visit this website.

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