Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tips to Keep Your RV Running at Its Best

Having an RV is all about the freedom to take off and go. Any time the mood strikes you, you want to have complete access to the outdoors with no strings attached. Before you give in to the whim though, avoid a miserable trip by double checking a few things on your camper. Here are some general tips to making sure your next trip doesn’t end in misery.

RVs are more reliant on batteries than traditional automobiles. If you want to make sure you can enjoy the electrical offerings of your vehicle, make sure to keep an eye on the batteries. A simple voltage check before departing is usually enough, but regular maintenance, like cleaning the terminals, will keep things going over the long run. Also be sure to test any solar or fuel based generators, especially if you’re planning to be out of civilization for any kind of extended period.

Just like cars, there are several parts of an RV that merit a quick checkup before a road trip. Always double check the tire pressure, oil levels and other liquids, like coolant and brake fluids. You also want to keep on top of routine oil changes, radiator cleaning and transmission maintenance. Routinely checking belts and hoses for cracks and wear can also stave off unwanted breakdowns. A few additional factors to keep in mind are checking for signs of body damage and keeping tires clean. RV’s are subject to much more mud and dirt than most cars, and that exposure can shorten the tires’ life considerably.

Unlike other vehicles, RV’s have living compartments that require your occasional attention. To make your trips more pleasant, always check the water levels and flow before leaving. Clogged pipes can be the stuff of nightmares. You also want to be sure propane levels are sufficient and that your appliances are in good working order. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than losing access to the amenities you have come to expect.

Investing in your RV was a big deal, and now that you have it you should strive to take as good care of it as it will you. These routines can feel burdensome at times, and they may even come across as an inhibitor to your freedom, but ignoring them is certain to lead to an unpleasant trip. For more tips on taking care of your RV, or to schedule an appointment with an RV repair technician in Santa Cruz, check out the website.

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