Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Three Warning Signs That Your AC Needs Service Now


You always want to be as proactive as possible with maintaining and repairing the most important things in your life. This does not exclude your RV. Putting off service can cost you both money and comfort. You’ve made the investment, now protect it. Here are some signs your air conditioner may need service.

1. It Doesn’t Blow Air

This is an obvious sign, but the repair can be ambiguous. In many cases, blowing may be inconsistent. If the air stream seems weaker or less responsive to adjustment, then you want to have your system serviced.

2. The Air Is Not Cold

This seems as obvious as the last one, but keep in mind that this is a subjective measurement. If it seems that the air output is not as cool as it used to be, it could be a sign of refrigerant issues. Hesitating to have this serviced is one of the most expensive mistakes an RV user can make.

3. It Burns Through More Electricity

If you find your battery is draining faster than it used to, it could be a problem with the air conditioner. When refrigerant conditions aren’t right, the device will often compensate by running harder. This will drain power and shorten the life of the system if it isn’t treated.

Resolving AC problems before they get too out of hand is vital to staving off repair costs. Delay will only hurt you in the long run. For more information on RV AC repair in Santa Cruz, check out the website.

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