Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Why You Should Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked Regularly


Your car’s wheel alignment is always changing.Sudden changes in alignment can be caused by an impact or collision, but most changes occur gradually and are caused by normal wear and tear to joints, bushings, springs and other suspension components. These gradual changes can cause significant wear and tear over time.Having your wheel alignment checked regularly can reduce wear and tear and save you money.

How do I know that I need an alignment?

There may be no obvious signs that your car needs a wheel alignment.Often, the only sign will be uneven tire wear, which appears as a narrow strip of heavy wear on the inside or outside edge of the tire tread.Some other signs of improper wheel alignment include:

  • pulling to the left or right
  • shaking or vibration
  • squealing tires when turning

How often do I need an alignment?

There’s no specific interval that is recommended for wheel alignment, but experts recommend having your alignment checked regularly – at least once a year, or as often as every 6,000 miles.

Why should I have my alignment checked?

It is important to have your alignment checked often to detect small changes which can accelerate the wear and tear in your suspension.Regular alignment checks can also help you avoid excessive uneven tire wear, which can significantly shorten the life of your tires, and regular checks are important to identify suspension parts that may need replacement.

Since wheel alignment changes gradually, it can be difficult to detect when your wheels need to be aligned. Pay attention to signs that your wheels are out of alignment, and save on wear and tear by checking your wheel alignment regularly.Visit this website for wheel alignments in San Diego.

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